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About Us

The Purpose Behind PIPX

We aim to help enable communities and entrepreneurs working to provide new token opportunities tied to solving real problems and creating value in society.

We are committed to onboarding tokens that provide solutions in the areas of payment facilitation, loyalty programs, decentralised finance, tokenisation, NFT platforms, GameFi, Metaverse initiatives, and other Web3.0 applications. 
pipx team photo

Top, left to right: Gene McDonald (Project Manager), Sebastion Seralini (Training and Education), Elfara Bibi (Accounts & Administration Team Manager), Liz Lindsay (Customer Relationship Manager), Sandra Mayne (Events Coordinator), Missy Wang (Social Media Manager), Terence Gong (Graphic Designer), Brant Fletcher (Crypto Training Instructor)

Bottom, left to right: Lachlan Wilson (Chief Compliance Officer & Paralegal), Dallas Bayly (Piptle Group Founder), Aaron Cassar (CEO & Director), Rita Ashin (Director, Public Relations & Media Officer), Johannes Breytenbach (Chief Technical Exchange Officer)

Our goal is to become the No 1 Exchange that People Trust.

Our Vision

PIPX has been established with the social purpose to create an engaged community of individuals inspired to create income and generational wealth by participating in the new digital economy helping communities launch initiatives that can support creating better social impact. This is championed through PIPX providing access to the latest token opportunities supportive of blockchain development, Decentralised Finance, Metaverses, web 3.0, NFT ecosystems, Gamefi, IOT (internet of things), AI & other emerging technologies.

Our Mission

To become the No.1 launchpad listing token platform for any new startup enterprises and community tokens that can support creating real value and opportunity within society. We are focusing on listing community tokens that can be used in the real world for making purchases with and supporting sustainable development. We aim to support pairing community tokens with each other to create connectivity and more social enterprise.

The Power Of PIPX


Easy To Start

The PIPX exchange is making it easier for people to get started trading cryptocurrency.


Global Platform

The PIPX platform is being rolled out globally to create a network of connected individuals all transacting easily with one another. 


Real-World Technology

The exchange technologies that underpin the PIPX platform are being used by established reputable financial institutions globally, with over 70 patents held by our partners.


Fully Compliant

We are a regulatory-compliant exchange focused on the everyday trader.

The Power Of PIPX


Real-World Technology

The exchange technologies that underpin the PIPX platform are being used by established reputable financial institutions globally, with over 70 patents held by our partners.


Fully Compliant

We are a regulatory-compliant exchange focused on the everyday trader.

Meet our PIPX Driving Team

Aaron Cassar

CEO & Director

Aaron is the CEO, Director and Co-Founder of the Piptle Group including the PIPX exchange. Aaron is a Digital Economy Entrepreneur and was involved in conceptualising and launching a number of blockchain businesses including a blockchain-enabled crypto exchange trading metals.

With 20 years of working internationally in consulting roles with listed public companies in Asia, Aaron is well regarded for his strategic thinking and implementation. Aaron is determined to see businesses futureproof themselves for accepting cryptocurrency and understanding how to use NFTs and participate in the future of Metaverses.


Johannes Breytenbach

Chief Technical Exchange Officer

With a 20-year background in IT, Johannes started his blockchain journey in 2014 as a smart contract developer. He has been involved in trading equities, futures, and foreign exchange for the last two decades. Having studied Blockchain Strategy and Cryptofinance at RMIT, he has an in-depth practical and theoretical understanding of this new emerging technology.


Rita Ashin

Director, Public Relations and Media Officer

Rita has 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Her speciality is monetisation of projects. She was involved in setting up a European based digital currency exchange, from shortlisting developers to beta testing, it now services over 30,000 clients. She has chaired a council of over 200 global leaders in 176 countries. Rita’s networking connections helped raise over 7 million for various global projects.


Lachlan Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer & Paralegal

Born in Brisbane, Lachlan has worked across several industries, such as IT, Hospitality, the Sales Industry, and in the Disability Support Services sector. Lachlan found that exposure to the above industries fuelled his ambitions for legal work: inspiring him to partake in voluntary work as a Paralegal while completing a Bachelor of Laws degree. With a passion for Contract and Industrial Relations law, Lachlan recognises that the cryptocurrency industry is a rapidly expanding sector, with limitless potential, and considers it to be redefining how we look at finance, and the legal system on a daily basis.

liz lindsay pipx

Liz Lindsay

Customer Relationship Manager

Liz brings a positive, friendly and outgoing personality along with a can-do attitude towards both her professional and personal life.

She has a background in Business with excellent Sales and Customer Service. Her usiness skills developed across several industries have allowed her to gain an understanding of motivating people to achieve their goals and become successful.

In the past few years, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in trading in cryptocurrency. She is dedicated to passing on her knowledge to members about trading and ensuring that everyone has a positive experience with PIPX.

elfara bibi pipx

Elfara Bibi

Accounts & Administration Team Manager

Elfara’s experience identifying as a single parent of four amazing children has largely shaped her perspective and aspirations in life. It has taught her never to take anything for granted. So when the opportunity to work within PIPX presented itself she grasped it with both hands and has never looked back. 
Elfara feels it is important for her to be an integral part of the growth and success of PIPX. 
As a successful business owner herself, she understands the importance of being organised, customer-focused and prepared for any situation.
Her love of poetry has also allowed her to see kindness, goodness and understand that life is forever changing and what more better way to express this than to put it in words.

Missy Wang

Social Media Manager

Missy has enjoyed many years working in the Fin-Tech industry, she is creative and has the adaptability to solve problems in her role when dealing with various clients and projects. A marketing expert with extensive experience, she offers an enviable track record of marketing cases for various clients and sectors, in Web3.0, Blockchain and the Property industry. Missy is keen on researching various ways of investments and can provide in-depth knowledge to clients.

Brett Wilkins Byrd pipx

Brett Wilkins-Byrd

Compliance Training Officer

Brett is overseeing Operations and Training for PIPX. He has more than 20 years of experience in areas such as software integration, providing services supporting integrated business management, training and compliance. Brett has helped establish a number of RTOs successfully in Australia. Over the last 4 years Brett has been hands on involved in the development and deployment of cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia and has a great appreciation for the continuous development and monitoring of compliance processes and business improvement systems to ensure PIPX clients get the best services possible.

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