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*For a limited time, buy your IndoCoin at AU$1.00 with 50% SWAPQ or Qoin and 50% cash. IndoCoin accept both SWAPQ and Qoin at a dollar value of $3.75. By paying AU$1,000 and 267 SWAPQ or Qoin, you’ll receive 2,000 IndoCoin.

IndoCoin is listed on the PIPX exchange with a minimum sell value of US$1.50 and a maximum of US$2.00. This offer presents early participants a very attractive incentive, and all INDOC token that are purchased this way will therefore be locked in your wallet for 180 days form the date of purchase.

Please download a Polygon compatible wallet before proceeding.

For further instructions click here.

Ensure you have a Polygon compatible wallet before completing your order, we recommend https://alphawallet.com/

See how to add IndoCoin or other custom tokens to your wallet here: https://alphawallet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402962453529-I-can-t-see-my-tokens-in-AlphaWallet

The IndoCoin token contract address is:


At the checkout you will be asked:
1. To pay the dollar amount via direct debit to our bank account. NB when making the payment through your online banking or at a branch, remember to enter the Deposit Referral so we know who deposited the money in our account. The Deposit Referral is your order number.
2. List the wallet address you want your IndoCoin to be send to and
3. Transfer/Send your SWAPQ or Qoin to the relevant wallet,
4. List how much SWAPQ or Qoin you’ve sent and,
5. List the SWAPQ or Qoin wallet address you sent the SWAPQ or Qoin from.


IndoCoin is a readily exchangeable digital currency and development platform, designed to serve humanity in a heart-centred way.  IndoCoin believes strongly that to thrive as a race we must place the heart and the human at the centre of our decision making. IndoCoin is therefore an instrument designed to make it possible to re-establish the bonds of family and community, as well as revive and retain cultural qualities. IndoCoin believes that the time is right to provide an alternative and or additional choice to the current fiat-based financial transaction system. 

IndoCoin is an easily exchangeable digital currency and development platform designed to primarily support tourism and other related markets in the Asia Pacific region with blockchain business and transaction connectivity. All the necessary building blocks are provided at a one-stop location for merchant and peer to peer digital currency exchange.

IndoCoin thrives to overcome many of the challenges preventing the widespread acceptance and utilisation of blockchain based digital currencies. IndoCoin will
achieve this position by overcoming significant barriers which previously prevented the mass adoption of these technologies. IndoCoin’s future plans include expanding
its easily exchangeable digital currency exchange system to include all industries and services, globally.

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