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Ensure you have a Polygon compatible wallet before completing your order, we recommend https://alphawallet.com/

See how to add SwapCoin or other custom tokens to your wallet here: https://alphawallet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402962453529-I-can-t-see-my-tokens-in-AlphaWallet

The SwapCoin token contract address is:



SWAPQ’s mission is to support community tokens that are locked into closed economies or that have little to no liquidity options. By swapping to SWAPQ, a universal token that is an ERC-20 token on a public blockchain, these token holders can potentially transact across a range of participating merchants and other communities launching their own tokens.

Our vision is to create an open and free community where anyone can add value to the token through creative thinking.

Problem and Solution

Many community tokens are created on private blockchains and within closed ecosystems with no liquidity options through any exchanges. This often results in critical liquidity issues that lock token holders in an asset with a downward spiralling utility and value.

For swapping these tokens 1:1 with SWAPQ, token holders have an opportunity to trade with other tokens on a transparent and trusted exchange. Community members can contribute to the SWAPQ ecosystem with their imaginations and regulations being the only limitations.

SWAPQ can only be minted when other community tokens are being traded for it. Different community tokens will be managed differently based on the trading volume and liquidity of the tokens.

PIPX has a commitment to pairing tokens with SWAPQ and creating buy-in opportunities on new token raising on the PIPX exchange for persons wishing to purchase SWAPQ.

PIPX will be looking to onboard merchants that can support taking SWAPQ as a part payment towards purchases of goods and services through their business.

Currently Piptle, Indo Coin and the GGC charity token confirmed that they will pair with SWAPQ for trading on the PIPX exchange.

Currently the Qoin community have swapped 4.5 million Qoin for SWAPQ, involving more over 200 merchants and token holders. Tens of thousands of members have confirmed that they would love the opportunity to participate in SWAPQ once it is on the PIPX exchange.

The SWAPQ pledge ensures that any token holder can swap their SWAPQ back for the original token at any time and so far, almost 1,200,000 SWAPQ has been swapped back to Qoin.

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