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The PIPX Wallet

Introducing PIPX - the ultimate digital asset wallet for managing your crypto and beyond

Introducing PIPX - the ultimate digital asset wallet for managing your crypto and beyond

With PIPX, you can easily connect to over 20 EVM-compatible mainnets and testnets, and manage your collectibles and governance tokens all in one place. Plus, interact with a variety of DeFi solutions straight from your wallet. And, with PIPX’s web3-enabled built-in browser, connect and interact with the internet of value with just one tap.

Stay on top of your transactions with PIPX Activities, where you can view and confirm every transaction on relevant block explorers with ease. And, customize your wallet experience with the ability to create new wallets, import existing ones, or even add “watch wallets” – all with custom names for easy management. Plus, choose from 7 languages and various fiat currency alternatives.

Security is also key – PIPX is a deterministic wallet and has one seed phrase or pneumonic for all the wallets in your app. It also has a private key for every individual account in case you want to import only one specific account into another wallet. Additionally, PIPX offers biometric verification for viewing your seed phrase and you can lock your private key through encryption when backing up your wallet.

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Available On Apple And Android

PPTL Holders Only

Please register your PIPX wallet address so we can issue your tokens to your wallet.

PIPX Wallet Registration Form

How To Find Your Wallet Address

1. Open your PIPX peer-to-peer wallet app

2. Select Wallet from the bottom icon menu bar

3. Tap the menu in the top right-hand corner and select Copy Wallet Address/ Copy Address (iOS)

4. Paste the wallet address in the Wallet Address field in the registration form

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