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Register now to get your PPTL tokens

We are celebrating the second month since the launch of our PIPX crypto exchange, see https://pipx.io . To let you share in our success, we are offering 100 free PPTLs to the first 1,000 users that register an account on the exchange. Hurry, joining is free, requires no KYC, and numbers are filling up fast.


Piptle members that purchased a package (such as a GPAL) with PPTLs can also register on the exchange to receive 20% of their allocated PPTL tokens. See https://pipx.io/pptl-deposits/ for more detail on how to do this. The remaining 80% will be issued to their PIPX wallets when available in February 2023.

 Please note, new regulation requires that all PPTL token holders who purchased PPTLs using Fiat complete their KYC before we are allowed to issue any of their tokens. If you have not already done so, please scan the QR Code below and complete your KYC check.

Although PIPx has only been up for a couple of months, it’s been very busy. In the short time since its launch, we have already published 4 unique community tokens, and we are in the process of listing a fifth.

These tokens are:

Piptle Tokens

Piptles are a utility token used for payments across a wide range of digital goods, services, and assets.


Bread is a unique solution that combines three valuable products into one asset. Bread is a 

  • Compact Food Ration (emergency meal) made from wheat.
  • Digital receipt that represents proof of ownership for each meal.
  • Stablecoin locked to the value of a US dollar ($1.00USD).


IndoCoin is an easily exchangeable digital currency and development platform designed to primarily support tourism and other related markets in the Asia Pacific region with blockchain business and transaction connectivity. All the necessary building blocks are provided at a one-stop location for merchant and peer to peer digital currency exchange.


IndoCoin – SWAPQ

Fort a short while, you can purchase IndoCoin at AU$1.00 an d pay 50% cash and 50% SWAPQ or Qoin. IndoCoin will accept SWAPQ and Qoin at a dollar value of AU$3.75.


SWAPQ’s mission is to support community tokens that are locked into closed economies or that have little to no liquidity options. By swapping to SWAPQ, a universal token that is an ERC-20 token on a public blockchain, these token holders can potentially transact across a range of participating merchants and other communities launching their own tokens.

Our vision is to create an open and free community where anyone can add value to the token through creative thinking.

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